Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Loyalty, Respect, Integrity, and Love" (Delta Airlines #1762 LAX to JFK Thursday 5 Sep 2013)

¶Loyalty, Respect, Integrity, and Love are the four essential components that I require in a relationship. I would dare say that, if they are not present, there is no hope. I know this does not sound much like a travel blog entry, but I think I have someone's attention (smile). I am loyal to Delta Airlines and SkyTeam.

¶Before I officially switched my exclusive travel to Delta, I had flown with the airline a few times, but I flew mostly with American Airlines and oneworld. However, I decided to give Delta my full attention when the carrier commenced flying to Accra, Ghana (followed by Lagos & Abuja, Nigeria; Dakar, Senegal; Cairo, Egypt; Luanda, Angola; Monrovia, Liberia; and, Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa. I was just so happy that an American carrier finally reconnected the USA (via JFK in New York and ATL in Atlanta) with various African nations via nonstop and/or direct* service. Some of the destinations listed above are no longer being serviced by Delta. I hope to see them resurrected (Luanda,  Cairo, and Abuja) and joined by Malabo, Equatorial Guinea and Nairobi, Kenya. Once the revered, historic, and highly-esteemed PanAm went out of service, there was no nonstop/direct commercial service between North America and Africa for many years by an American carrier.

¶Oops, I have definitely lost my way. At present,  I am basking in Delta's Business Elite from LAX to JFK, eating a wonderful omelet due to an upgrade, which is a perk from having Platinum Elite status. This also happened for me a little over a month ago from JFK to LAX, and this one was totally unexpected. The wide body Boeing 767-300ER aircraft is a great improvement and relief from the exclusive use of the Boeing 757 single-aisle aircraft on the nonstop run between my native New York (Brooklyn born and raised!) and my beloved Los Angeles where I currently reside.

¶In the voice of SNL character Stephan, let me tell you why Delta's Business Elite is a treat...the pleasant, attentive flight attendants; the full flat-bed seats; the entertainment system with wonderful headsets; the mimosas and other grown-up beverages; the food; the real-sized pillow and plush blanket; and, the overall service (including the gate agents).

¶Whew! I like mimosas! Regarding the four attributes (loyalty, respect, integrity, and love) of a successful, fulfilling relationship, Delta Airlines has shared all of them with me. I have flown with Delta throughout North America and to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America in all classes of service. I am truly pleased with Delta's way of doing business. When I boarded this flight (Delta #1762, LAX to JFK, 5 Sep 2013), I was not thinking about blogging at all.

¶Oh no! I just came from the lavatory...there is a fresh mimosa awaiting me. What am I supposed to do with this? I am already feeling so happy about everything. I do not intend to offend the flight attendant who made the drink for me (good excuse to indulge). Now it is time to take a journey with C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet (the first book from his Space Trilogy). Sorry, Mr. Lewis. Once I sank into that full flat-bed seat, I drifted off into a dream about someone whom I love in Ghana.

*Direct service means that the aircraft makes a scheduled stop before reaching its actual destination. For example, if you have the pleasure of flying to Monrovia, the aircraft goes to Accra first.

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